3WA Chief
3WA Chief Nolandia
Continuity Anime
Debut Affair on Nolandia
Gender Male
Residential Planet Eleanor City (possibly)
Affiliation World Welfare Works Association
Japanese Voice Mugihito Amachi
Streamline Dub Jeff Winkless
ADV Dub Charles Kennedy
The 3WA Chief during the time of Dirty Pair: Affair on Nolandia.


Affair on NolandiaEdit

While Kei is having hallucination nightmares, he is seen alongside doctors holding Kei down to a table trying to calm her down as she is waking up from them. The chief explains to Kei that she was rescued from Nolandia three days ago but this was revealed to be another nightmare as she asks him where Yuri is and then she sees a bunch of tentacles cover up Yuri's naked body on another table.


  • It is possible that he is the predecessor of Gooley Andrew Francess which may imply the film to be a prequel to the series.
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