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Carson D. Carson
Continuity Anime
Debut Dirty Pair: Project Eden
Gender Male
Japanese Voice Katsuji Mori
Streamline Dub Kerrigan Mahan
ADV Dub David Matranga

Carson D. Carson is a Vizorium smuggler who becomes an ally to the Lovely Angels in the movie Dirty Pair: Project Eden.



Carson ditching the other smugglers

He is first seen alongside a Smuggler Boss as part of a group of Vizorium smugglers that the Lovely Angels pursued and was the only one of the group that got away.


Carson after landing in Yuri's bath

Later on, he ends up attending to other business on the planet of Agerna searching through the abandoned mines. While crawling through the vents he ends up seeing the Lovely Angels in the mines as well and spies on them as they are taking a break and having a bubble baths. His weight accidentally breaks the vent and falls into the bathtub that Yuri was bathing in and kicks him into the tub that Kei was using who ends up punching him out for grabbing her breasts. As they both arrest him for the previous case, they attempt to get answers from him but Professor Wattsman's monsters come in and ambush the three and forces them to try and escape.


Carson facing off with Bruno

They both decide for the meantime to let him help them on their mission but due to the fact that they left their clothes behind and only have towels, Kei takes his clothes and uses them and forces him to have to be in his boxers the whole time. Both him and Kei end being kidnapped by Professor Wattsman and Carson reveals his true goal of being on Agerna of taking a bottle of vintage World War II wine from Wattsman's butler Bruno. After Mughi discovers the Angels location and sends them supplies, Carson gets a 3WA uniform and a combat knife and faces off with Bruno. After defeated Bruno he gets the wine and drinks it as he prepares for what appears to be an epic sacrifice to save the pair but it later revealed that he survived. Kei ends up being interested in him and admits that he is handsome. After Wattsman was defeated and was arrested along with Bruno, Kei is next to the wounded Carson drinking his wine stating that their job is finally over but Kei holds the handcuffs up with a smile telling him that its not over but with him telling her that those aren't enough to hold him down with Kei smiling possibly implying that Carson got turned in as well at the end because of the previous case.