Criados' Heartbeat!
Episode 5
Japanese Title クリアドスのどっくんどっくん!
Romaji Title Kuriadosu no dokkun dokkun!
Air Date 1985 August 12
Writer Shimada Mitsuru (script)
Mitsuko Kase (storyboard, production)
Director Tsukasa Dokite
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The Chase Smells Like Cheesecake and Death
Lots of Danger, Lot of Decoys
Criados' Heartbeat! (クリアドスのどっくんどっくん!?) is the fifth episode of Dirty Pair.


While on the way to Planet Antares, Kei and Yuri's ship goes haywire. Furthermore, they're tasked with defeating a foe who's already dead.


Act OneEdit

With the Lovely Angel unavailable, the Pair are flying a rental craft when they receive a sudden communication announcing their "execution". The ship is thrown about by a powerful force and a large unknown object is glimpsed. After this rattling incident the girls fly on to the planet Popos to wind down. But it proves to be far from relaxing when they are attacked by flying battle mecha.

Act TwoEdit

The two manage to escape and fly off into space in the rented ship. They encounter the strange unknown force again and the large object is revealed as a gigantic space fortress, The brain behind all this is the unseen Dr. Cleardos -- an ex-convict taken into custody in a previous criminal case. Apparently freed, the doctor wants to take revange upon the Dirty Pair. Entering the huge station, Kei and Yuri booby-trap Nanmo with a self-destructing device and aim him for the central computer system of the fortress. The resulting blast destroys much of the station and takes the lives of all inside.


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