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Dark horse

Mike Richardson owned several comic book stores in Oregon. In 1986 created Dark Horse Comics, publishing the anthology series Dark Horse Presents.


  • From 1993-1996 Dark Horse began to publish superhero comics under their own Comics Greatest Heroes imprint, later renamed Dark Horse Heroes.
  • Beginning in 1994 Frank Miller and John Byrne created another imprint called Legend, specifically for creator-owned projects. Other creators that joined them were Art Adams, Mike Mignola, Eric Powell, Mike Allred, Paul Chadwick, Dave Gibbons, and Geof Darrow. The Legend imprint ended in 1998.
  • Dark Horse Manga, publishes many different manga publications, translated from the original Japanese.
  • From 1999-2002 the Maverick imprint published creator-owned material.
  • In 2013 Dark Horse formed an original superhero imprint called Project Black Sky.

Dark Horse Comics publishes, and is best known for, many licensed titles as well as creator-owned comics.

Licensed Series[]

  • Aliens
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Predator
  • Star Wars (Star Wars: Dark Empire was the first successful Dark Horse Star Wars title)
  • Conan

Creator-Owned Series[]

  • Concrete
  • 300
  • The Escapist
  • The Goon
  • Hellboy
  • Sin City
  • The Umbrella Academy
  • Usagi Yojimbo

General Information[]