Darkside Angel
Dirty Pair Flash - Ep

Dirty Pair Flash - Ep. 02 (S) Darkside Angel

Episode 2
Japanese Title ダークサイド・エンゼル
Romaji Title Dākusaido Enzeru
Air Date February 21, 1994
Writer Hisashi Tokimura
Director Tsukasa Sunaga
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Darkside Angel (ダークサイド・エンゼル Dākusaido Enzeru?) is the second episode of the Dirty Pair Flash OVA.


Kei and Yuri are at an airport, escorting some guys to a plane, but the guys get shot. The girls pursue the assassin, who turns out to be a beautiful and very skilled woman named Lady Flair. After failing to capture her, they notice that she has been apprehended by the Military Police. But Kei doesn't buy that idea, and they storm the military base later, where they are developing giant spider-like robots [1].





  1. Limitless Answer (Opening)
  2. Dai Ni Shou (Ending)


  1. Dirty Pair Flash, Seasons 1-3 on iTunes
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