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Dirty Pair: Project Eden or known simply in Japan as Dirty Pair: The Movie or just Dirty Pair (ダーティペア (劇場版) Daati Pea Gekijoban?) is a 1987 anime movie directed by Koichi Mashimo and animated by Sunrise. The movie is a sequel to the Dirty Pair television series, and its soundtrack consisted of many musical scores of the sounds of 1980's Synthesizer Pop. Carl Macek directed the English language dub.


After stopping a group of Vizorium smugglers, the Lovely Angels (more commonly known as the Dirty Pair) are sent on a mission to Agerna, a planet rich with Vizorium, a mineral necessary to space travel. They are sent to stop the mysterious attacks on mining operations that have the world's governments pointing fingers and blaming each other. While investigating, they end up taking a break from their investigation and taking bubble baths when Carson D. Carson, a former member of the smuggler's group, stopped on their last mission, interrupting their bath time by falling through a vent. While the ladies get out of the bathtubs and question Carson they are attacked by strange alien monsters that force the Pair to flee, leaving their equipment behind, wearing nothing but towels. The Dirty Pair are forced to ally with Carson to stop Dr. Wattsman; a mad scientist bent on taking a long-dormant alien race to its final evolutionary form. After being captured by Dr. Wattsman, it is revealed that Carson was really after obtaining a rare World War II-vintage wine. Carson D. Carson is forced to take on Bruno, Dr. Wattmans servant. While badly wounded, Carson D. Carson does not die in the end (although Kei was afraid he had), and the movie ends on a happy note, with the Dirty Pair and Carson flying off with the doctor and servant in custody. Of course, this wouldn't be Dirty Pair without a major disaster. The doctor's equipment was activated, and Sadingas all over the planet were awakened, wreaking havoc.


Character Name Japanese English (Streamline) English (ADV)
Yuri Saeko Shimazu Wendee Lee Allison Sumrall
Kei Kyōko Tongū Lara Cody Pamela Lauer
Carson D. Carson Katsuji Mori Kerrigan Mahan David Matranga
Dr. Wattsman Chikao Ōtsuka Steve Kramer John Swasey
Chief Manager Osamu Kobayashi] Eddie Frierson George Manley
Supervisor Mikio Terashima Dan Woren Jason Douglas
Bruno Toku Nishio Milton James Brett Weaver
Crime Boss Shōzō Iizuka Kirk Thornton Andy McAvin
Secretary Kayoko Fujii Juliana Donald Monica Rial
Mughi Naoki Makishima Michael McConnohie Brett Weaver


As of August 2011, the film has a 71% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The film is commonly acknowledged to be better than the anime TV series; Mike Crandol of Anime News Network even states that "Dirty Pair: Project Eden is one of the few glorious exceptions...it's not just bigger and louder, it actually IS better. Rarely do all the elements come together so nicely. Even all these years later, it's hard to think of any other anime that's as much fun as this movie".[1] Rebecca Silverman of Anime News Network mentions in her review of the Dirty Pair Features Collection that among the three films this one was the "campiest with the least urgent storyline." She also states that the "Animation has moments of beautiful fluidity, such as Yuri flopping in a tub of water, the dissolution of a floor beneath the characters' feet, or Yuri's impromptu dance number on a transport."[2]




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