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Do Lovely Angels Prefer Chest Hair?
Episode 2
Japanese Title 可愛い天使は 胸毛がお好き?
Romaji Title Kawaii tenshi wa munage ga osuki?
Air Date July 22nd, 1985
Writer Hiroyuki Hoshiyama (script)
Tetsurō Amino (storyboard)
Director Masahisa Ishida
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Do Lovely Angels Prefer Chest Hair? (可愛い天使は 胸毛がお好き??) is the second episode of the Dirty Pair television series.


After a brief series of incidents, the owner of a fleet of star liners enlists the aid of 3WA when his newest ship, the Tenian I, is threatened with destruction on its maiden flight. Suspecting a rival company, the Dirty Pair are sent in as "bodyguards" for the liner. They soon find themselves in an unwanted (although temporary) partnership with another agent, Mr. Nova Grave. Fortunately, the culprits are swiftly weeded out, and a bombing attempt is thwarted, but not before the Tenian's automatic control system is disrupted, Yuri, using her navigation skills, lands the liner in relative safety with the aid of Grave.



  1. Ru-Ru-Ru-Russian Roulette (Opening)


  • This episode is the first appearance of Calico and the first time Gooley is seen as he was only heard in the first episode.



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