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Go Ahead, Fall in Love! Love is Russian Roulette
Episode 3
Japanese Title 勝手に惚れな! 恋はロシアンルーレット
Romaji Title Katte ni hore na! Koi wa roshianrūretto
Air Date 1985-07-29
Writer Kazunori Itō
Director Norio Kashima
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Go Ahead, Fall in Love! Love Is Russian Roulette (勝手に惚れな! 恋はロシアンルーレット Katte ni hore na! Koi wa roshianrūretto?) is the third episode of Dirty Pair.


King is the leader of a crime syndicate on Planet Vega. It's said he holds the Golem Poker Chip, which brings good luck to anyone who owns it. Kei and Yuri have been sent to infiltrate King's estate and bring that chip back into the hands of the law [1]!


Kei and Yuri take a working vacation to a popular resort planet Vega to repossess a stolen gem from the keep of a big-time syndicate crime lord known as King. After landing, the girls case a casino owned by King; in an attempt to lure his interest, Yuri throws a high-stakes card game in his favor and loses 30.000 of 3WA's credits in a matter of moments.

Unfortunately, Yuri's plan doesn't work. However, it does attract a mysterious and handsome man named Sydney, who helps the two past King's security system. After much commotion, they get away with the gem and soon discover Sydney's true colors.



  1. Ru-Ru-Ru-Russian Roulette (Opening)
  2. Space Fantasy (Ending)


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