Hah Hah Hah, Dresses and Men Should Always Be Brand New is the 11th episode of the Dirty Pair anime.


Kei and Yuri receive an invitation in the mail to a party on Belenus from someone named "G. A. Francess". The girls think that because of the formal invitation that it must be a high class party where they can hopefully get a rich guy at and start heading over there on the Lovely Angel. Yuri decides to go on a detour to Cauld to go look for a nice dress to wear at the party. While getting the dress at a mall, the Lovely Angels are mistaken from two wanted criminals on the planet known as Pete and Moila. After failing to escape the polices clutches due to the interference of a group of children messing around on their ship, Kei and Yuri end up taking out the real Pete and Moila. After getting everything cleared up, they use a double warp to get to Belenus and then when arriving at the party, the girls become disappointed as they find out that the party is at a small country house and that "G. A. Francess" was really their boss Gooley Andrew Francess inviting them to his family gathering which lacked young guys.


  • This is the episode which revealed Gooley's full name.



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