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Hire Us! Beautiful Bodyguards are a Better Deal
Dirty Pair09-Lovely Angel-crashed
Episode 9
Japanese Title うちらを買って!用心棒には美人がお得
Romaji Title Uchi-ra o katte! Yōjinbō ni wa bijin ga o toku
Air Date 1985 September 16
Writer Yasushi Hirano (script)
Masahisa Ishida (storyboard, production)
Director Tsuruyama Osamu
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Hire Us! Beautiful Bodyguards are a Better Deal is the 9th episode of the Dirty Pair anime.


The Lovely Angels went missing around planet Praston after the Lovely Angel being shot down by patrol ships and crash landed due to Mughi panicking. It is actually a plot to rid of two rival syndicates who have been interrupting vital supplies of New Stone mineral. Yuri and Kei pose as O-Yuri and O-Kei who are arch enemies and each joining one syndicate. O-Yuri joins the Motal syndicate while O-Kei joins the Dokecchi syndicate. Kei, however, is uncovered by Brocco, Dokecchi's right hand men. Yuri is uncovered by Jelico, Motal's son. The boses plot to have both duel each other. The Lovely Angel escape by threatening with their starship's laser cannon which could cause a chain reaction within the New Stone mineral. Upon making their getaway Kei clapping Nanmo causing him to fire the cannon. As a result of the chain reaction planet Praston is no more.



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