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How to Kill a Computer
Episode 1
Japanese Title コンピューターの 殺し方教えます
Romaji Title Konpyuuta no koroshi kata oshiemasu
Air Date 1985 July 15
Writer Kazunori Ito (script)
Toshifumi Takizawa (storyboard)
Director Mitsuko Kase
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How to Kill a Computer (コンピューターの 殺し方教えます Konpyuuta no koroshi kata oshiemasu?) is the first episode of Dirty Pair. It first aired on 1985 July 15 in Japan.


In the 22nd century, mankind has developed Warp Travel and spread out among the stars. Each sprawling city is controlled by a supercomputer... but in Eleanor City, their supercomputer - named "Brian" - has just gone mad. With tunnels flooding, hatches exploding, and computers going haywire everywhere, the city has just one hope for survival: Kei and Yuri, the infamous Dirty Pair![1]


Act One

In Eleanor City, mass panic is around, and Gooley Andrew Francess asks for the Lovely Angels' current situation. In a room where the air conditioning is on full blast, one of the Lovely Angels, WWWA Trouble Consultant Kei, of the planet Nyogee, wakes up sneezing. In another room, Mughi wraps his tail around the feet of the other Lovely Angel, WWWA Trouble Consultant Yuri, of the planet Coacha. Yuri shivers and sneezes, asking the computer Brian what is happening. Kei comes into the room where Yuri is to find most of the objects covered in ice; Yuri tells Kei that they have just lost contact with Chief Gooley and that Brian is malfunctioning. Approaching the console, Kei accidentally steps on Mughi's tail. She apologizes and wraps herself up with it to keep herself warm. She types into the computer with her feet, but it returns nonsense, so Kei calls it busted; the computer responds by displaying a message calling Kei busted; angered, Kei jumps up and lands on Mughi's tail. The computer blacks out momentarily and bursts into flames, fire sprinklers activate in response, and Mughi is blasted with cold air. The computer explodes.

Act Two






Twenty years have passed since the discovery of warp travel, and with the development of highly advanced supercomputers, mankind has been able to create comfortable stable living environments. One of these supercomputers is in Eleanor City, a settlement of five million people, and it manages every aspect of the city. This computer is known as "Brian."

—Opening Narration


  1. Ru-Ru-Ru-Russian Roulette (Opening)
  2. Space Fantasy (Ending)




The Star Trek cast names seen on a computer screen.

  • The computer screen in the room Yuri was in at the beginning of the episode flashes a few times to a list of actors from the 1960s american TV show Star Trek.
  • Although Gooley's voice is heard, he isn't visually shown until the next episode.
  • Even though this episode is the earliest work featured in the anime continuity, it is often debated that Dirty Pair: Affair on Nolandia is a prequel to the series and may actually be the earliest part of the series instead.

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