Julian is the grandson Mr. Winston, one of the 3WA's biggest financial contributors in Dirty Pair Flash. Julian is a brilliant but lonely boy who happens to be obsessed with Yuri... so much that he uses his genius to gather as much information about her, including her likes and dislikes, and constructs an android double of the trouble consultant so that he can be with her, without being placed in the sort of dangerous situations Yuri usually gets into.

However, when Kei accidentally breaks the Yuri android, thinking she was the real Yuri, the real Yuri then steps in place until Julian can repair the android. She then lived in what was a life-sized dollhouse, which included an extensive wardrobe (one of the outfits in that wardrobe, incidentally, was the gold and red uniform that Yuri of the original Dirty Pair wore). Yuri had to somehow let the boy know that what he was in love with was a doll and not a real person... which ultimately proved to be her undoing at the end of the story, for Julian fell in love with a girl named Wendy who had been trying to get through to him but he was too obsessed with the android Yuri at the time.

He is voiced by Hekiru Shiina in Japanese and David Bell in English.

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