Dirty Pair Wiki
Continuity Anime
Debut The Chase Smells Like Cheesecake and Death
Gender Female
Residential Planet Eleanor City
Japanese Voice Masako Irie

Julietta is a woman from Eleanor City that appears in the episode "The Chase Smells Like Cheesecake and Death".


Julietta gets married and becomes the newly wedded wife of Romeo as they drive off. That night in their apartment, She waits to have a romantic evening with Romeo while he is in the shower but gets a misunderstanding when Kei barges into the apartment mistaking her for another woman he is involved with when really she was just chasing the genetically engineered cat Guillaume de Malatesta XIII. While she finds the misunderstanding the same thing happens again when Yuri comes in after following the footsteps which she then throes stuff at Romeo saying that she will divorce him for real this time. It is not revealed if she found out the misunderstanding and forgave him.


  • She is named after Juliet Capulet from the well known William Shakespeare play "Romeo & Juliet".