Dirty Pair Wiki
Light Novel Kei
Continuity Light Novels
Debut "The Great Adventures of the Dirty Pair"
Gender Female
Residential Planet Niogi (birthplace)
Birth Date December 27, 2121
Age 19
Affiliation World Welfare Works Association
Lovely Angels

Kei is the main protagonist of the Dirty Pair light novels and the first person narrator. She is a member of the Lovely Angels and partners with Yuri.


Kei is a hot-headed tomboy. Her interests and hobbies are weapons, martial arts and working on machinery. She also enjoys first-person shooter video games and her beverage of choice is green tea.


Pre-3WA Career[]

Kei was born on Niogi on December 27th, 2121 and met Yuri in 2114. Later on both her and Yuri studied at Planet Mezuiru University and graduated in 2118.


  • This version of Kei along with Yuri and Mughi appear on a movie shown at a drive-in during a scene in the Crusher Joe movie.