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Lilis Joanca
Continuity Anime
Debut Lots of Danger, Lots of Decoys
Gender Female
Affiliation Love is Everything. Risk Your Life to Elope!!
Japanese Voice Masako Katsuki

Lilis Joanca is a character from the Dirty Pair television series.


Lilis Joanca was born a male and had sex reassignment surgery and became a woman prior to meeting Clicky Goldjeff. Clicky's father became aware of Joanca's past and was against the two getting together resulting in both of them running away together. The Lovely Angels were sent on a chase to go after Joanca and rescue Clicky after being told that she was kidnapping him. After Kei and Yuri find out Joanca wasn't really kidnapping Clicky, they learn that they were only sent to split them apart because of Clicky's dad's transphobic views which caused the pair to take Joanca's side instead.


  • While Lilis Joanca is the only confirmed transgender character in the Dirty Pair anime series, Yuri's quote "Nowadays, one in ten people have gotten their sex changed" implies that atleast 10% of the human population in the anime's universe is transgender.