Dirty Pair Wiki
Continuity Dirty Pair Flash
Debut Stray Angel
Gender Female
Affiliation World Welfare Works Association
Japanese Voice Katsuyo Endou
ADV Dub Allison Keith

Lily was Yuri's temporary partner in Dirty Pair Flash, who was assigned to her when Kei had quit the 3WA for a brief time. She has a personality that seems to mirror Yuri... but was even more to the extreme, to the point of appearing as the stereotypical dumb blonde, which made even Yuri look good. During her first mission, Lily attempted to use one of Yuri's known tactics to get out of the mission, only to be scolded by Yuri herself (much to the shock of the rest of the 3WA.) and ruined a stakeout (for which Yuri was blamed).

Later, when the 'Siren' crisis erupted, Lily abruptly quit the 3WA, mostly due to the stress of being a trouble consultant... and at the worst possible time, by undocking part of the Lovely Angel and sending Yuri to fend for herself. Fortunately, Kei had rejoined the 3WA, and along with Garner managed to save Yuri from being killed by Waldess.


Lily with her boyfriend

Lily was last seen at the end of Mission One, when she was sighted by Kei and Yuri with her boyfriend who is shown to be the Hoodlum from episode 1.