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Nanmo (or Nammo) is a small robot owned by the Dirty Pair. Usually referred to as a "she", Nammo communicates through beeps and whistles and has one known arm, as well as the ability to fly in space, operate and repair vehicles, and use hand weapons. She has been rebuilt at least once, when she hinted for the weaponless Pair to rig her body to self-destruct by handing over her memory disk. They sent her chassis into the bowels of the machine that trapped them, leaving only her memory disk and her tennis shoe-like feet behind.

Voice Actors[]

  • Naoki Makishima - Japanese


  • The Exocomp in ST-TNG: "The Quality of Life", was inspired by it.
  • The Egg in ST-TNG: "T"The Mind's Eye", was inspired by it.