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The Plateau of Ookbar

Ookbar is a planet which was once inhabited by aliens but was then occupied by humans. The only civilized place on the planet is on top of a plateau where a city is located. Under the plateau lies the forest known as Nolandia where all of the failed creatures that were created by Oran's project were sent. The Plateau was destroyed by Missinie's psychic powers when she freaked out because she was having visions of all the horrible memories of experiments. All of the people on Ookbar died because of it and was now a deserted planet. The pillar was going to collapse at some point anyways meaning that Missinie's powers just fastened the process.

Known Residents[]


  • The planet may be named after the fictional country Uqbar in Jorge Luis Borges' short story Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius. Borges' short involved an imaginary world built by writers and philosophers manifesting into reality through thought; the film parallels this theme with Missinie's psychic illusions altering reality in Nolandia.