Dirty Pair Wiki
Continuity Anime
Debut The Chase Smells Like Cheesecake and Death
Gender Male
Residential Planet Eleanor City
Japanese Voice Sukekiyo Kameyama

Romeo is a man from Eleanor City that appears in the episode "Pursuit Has the Smell of Cheesecake and Death".


Romeo Shower

Yuri walking in on Romeo in the shower

He is shown to be newly wedded to a girl named Julietta. In their apartment on their wedding night, he gets ready to take a shower to get ready to have a romantic night with Julietta but then Kei barges in to chase after the genetically engineered cat Guillaume de Malatesta XIII who got into there apartment from hiding in one of there suitcases and jumps out the window. Julietta mistakens Kei to be another woman he may have been involved with and threatens to divorce him. After he was able to quickly make up with her again, he then proceeds to take his shower but then Yuri who followed Malatesta's footprints into the bathroom causes Julietta to get mad again and throw stuff at him threatening to divorce him for real this time. It was not revealed if he was able to clear the second misunderstanding.


  • He is named after Romeo Montague from the well known William Shakespeare play "Romeo & Juliet".