Sydney out of disguise

Sydney is a character from the episode "Don't Fall in Love... Love is Russian Roulette". He is at first shown in disguise as a henchmen of Cabrera Carpentier Heir de King who resided in King's Mansion on planet Vega. It then turns out that he was after the chip King had and used the 3WA to help in his scheme. Working under King he also disguised himself as an old fortune teller woman. After retrieving the chip and the destruction of King's mansion, he dropped his disguise and left the planet but was caught by the Lovely Angels who figured out his scheme just before leaving. Intending to take the chip back to a museum, he gambled with the pair and attempted to cheap them out but in the end he finds that they tricked him and he ended up with a fake chip while they successfully gained the real chip. Kei was attracted towards Sydney. He is voiced by Yoshito Yasuhara.

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