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Run From The Future

Run From The Future is a mini comic series written by Adam Warren about The Dirty Pair. It had 4 issues and ran from January to April 2000. It was compiled into a book in 2002.


Kei and Yuri disguised as a pregnant Shasti and an overweight male model with EPD (Explosive Personality Disorder) Eddie, travel to the covert trade and technology nexus of Nimkasi habitat, where the 3WA have scored a deal with the Black Market habitat to poach 50 of the worst "Crims, Terrs and Pirates" from its megatree branches, in less that 100 minutes. Subduing, Arresting and Battling with a entient Smart Cloth 'Living Leather' suit, a French post-human terrorist leader and his mechas, French "TerrorArtistes", Biotattooed orcas, the blood thirsty Teddy Roosevelt gladiator, Kei's schoolgirl crush, and Binky (Don't Ask). The Lovely Angels may just pull off their first ever 'Collateral Damage'-free mission, but a trip down memory lane for Yuri and Kei's own faith issues conspire against them. In the end, the Angels are successful (if only for a short while), but narrowly miss seeing the real Shasti...