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The Dirty Pair's Great Adeventures is a novel written by Haruka Takachiho and the beginning to the Dirty Pair Series.


Charged with keeping the peace and investigating crime among the stars, the World Welfare Works Association (WWWA) prides itself on a reputation of safety and regard for life and property. If only someone would tell that to Agents Kei and Yuri, codename "the Lovely Angels," but better known as the Dirty Pair. Part female James Bond and part walking disaster, this duo gets the job done, though there are no guarantees that a city or two won't get razed in the process. In this adventure, the Angels are called in to investigate the Gravus Heavy Industry facility's cataclysmic destruction on the planet Dangool. What they find there hurls the pair into a danger-filled trek across the galaxy.


The Great Adventure of the Dirty Pair[]

  • What's the Big Idea?
  • Shut Up or Else...
  • Who Cares about Vacations, Anyway?
  • We've Got the Power!
  • Get In Our Way and You Get It!
  • Nobody Makes Fools of Us
  • Mix Me a Dirty Special

The Case of the Backwoods Murder[]

  • This Stupid Game Blows
  • Murder Case...? Nya!
  • Beautiful Girls on Fire...!
  • Who's Really Pulling the Strings?
  • Look! Look! We're in a Car Chase
  • Here it is! This is our Super Power!
  • What Are You Saying, Lady?
  • Haven't You Had Enough? Just Give Up Already
  • We Are Going Down Together, With a Bang!
  • A Tear-Soaked Epilouge

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