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Dirty Pair no Daibouken manga

The Great Adventures of Dirty Pair manga

The Great Adventures of the Dirty Pair (ダーティペアの大冒険 Dāti Pea no Daibōken) is the name of a 2010 manga adaptation by Hisao Tamaki that is a retelling of the original Dirty Pair light novel of the same name but with significant character redesigns.



Kei and Yuri's designs in the series

The Lovely Angels get a significant redesign, most notably their breasts are very large and are only being held in by small bands coming from their vests with the WWWA logo on them and that they wear lipstick. The lining on their uniforms and breast bands are changed from their usual uniform colors seen in the light novels and Anime with Kei given the color blue and Yuri given pink.

Being in a Seinen magazine, the manga has many characteristics of the Ecchi genre as it seems to have sexualized the pair more than any other incarnations have. Many of the illustrations show them in very provocative poses with lots of emphasizes on their breast size.


It was first part was serialized in Comic Ryu volume 43 in May 2010. The second part began on November 18th and the series ended on July 2011. The series was compiled into two volumes published by Tokuma Shoten, the first being released on October 13th, 2010 and the second being released on July 13th, 2011. As of now the series has not been released outside of Japan.