This is a timeline of events that have occurred throughout the Dirty Pair universe.

  • 2070
    • Earth is destroyed during April. (Comics only)
  • 2110s
    • The FTL Propulsion has developed
    • Human colonization of extrasolar planets
  • 2121
    • Kei is born on Niogi on November 27th (December 27th in the Comics.
  • 2130s
    • Extrasolar Colonies break away from Federated Terra
  • 2136
    • Kei and Yuri discover their psychic ability (light novels only)
  • 2139-40
    • Kei and Yuri undergo intense training at the WWWA facility on Shimogu, followed by promotion to criminal investigations division trouble consultants; time of the side story, Dokusaisha no Isan.
  • 2141
    • Mankind has colonized a total of over 3000 planets all establishing their own independent governments.
    • The events of most of the light novels occur.
    • The events of Dirty Pair: Project Eden occur.
    • a clone of Yuri was created on September 12th. (Comics only)
  • 2143
    • Kei and Yuri have a resort reservation that commenced on August 15th.
  • 2149
    • 80% of Talos body has become cybernetic.
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