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The Tower Section Chief is a head chief of the Tower controls of Damocles Tower in Eleanor City. During the incident of Brian's malfunction, he witnessed on screens what Brian was doing to the city and hearing the information given to him by the Tower Official he was working with. He attempted to shut down Brian using the Z-Box made exclusively to shut down Brian if something went wrong but failed due to Brian being able to disable it before they can activate it. He is then seen after the incident is over pointing out that the Lovely Angels destroyed Brian and that a new master computer will need to be made.

He later appears in the episode "What's This?! Our Fair Skin is Getting Dolon Dolon" where he has Kei and Yuri take care of mutated mollusks in the towers sewers.


  • He is referred to as "Section Chief" in the first episode credits, which was later changed to "Control Manager" in the 13th episode credits.