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Yullgis is an android that works for Oran, the president of AJ Development in "Dirty Pair: Affair on Nolandia".


Affair on Nolandia[]


Yullgis in his true form after being killed by Kei.

He first appears as he is seen killing Connie Brighton under Oran's orders for harboring Missiny. Later on, when the Lovely Angels break into Oran's office after finishing their job of locating Missiny and uncovers his true motivation, Yullgis tries to take them out. Kei tries to fight him while Yuri chases Oran. The battle gets brought into a space port where Yullgis gets shot by Kei and has debris fall on him. Yullgis rises from the rubble in his true form which was revealed to be a robot. Kei ends up killing him in his robotic form by constantly shooting at him.