Debut "Runaway Angel"
Gender Female
Birth Date March 3, 2231
Age 17
Affiliation *Worlds Works and Welfare Agency
Japanese Voice Mariko Kouda
ADV Dub Kim Sevier
Yuri (ユリ?) is one of the main characters of the Dirty Pair Flash OVA.


Yuri acts more stereotypically feminine than Kei. The problem is that she is more concerned with getting dates and marrying a rich, handsome man than doing her job, and she gets more than her share of complaints from Kei because of this. However, if anyone ever harms her partner, it's unlikely that the offender will live to tell about it. Yuri is adept at using a plasma sword and carries one as her primary weapon.

Yuri is the more romantic of the two. She likes romantic dinners, moonlit walks, and very wealthy men. But for the most part, she usually finds men who care more about what their fathers think about or what happens to their prized possessions than to her. One time, when she thought that she was going to get married, it turned out her prospective groom had found a new love, and she took her frustration out on her and Kei's next mission.


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