Light Novel Yuri
Continuity Light Novels
Debut "The Great Adventures of the Dirty Pair"
Gender Female
Residential Planet Yocha (birthplace)
Birth Date March 18, 2122
Age 19
Affiliation World Welfare Works Association
Lovely Angels

Yuri is the partner of Kei as a member of the Lovely Angels and the co-main character to the Dirty Pair light novels.


Yuri is very feminine compared to Kei. She has a skill of binary clairvoyance and her beverage of choice is hot cocoa.


Pre-3WA CareerEdit

Yuri was born on Yocha on March 18th, 2122 and met Kei in 2114. Later on both her and Kei studied at Planet Mezuiru University and graduated in 2118.


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